general operating expenses

Even the smallest amount will be used toward God's will for this city and congregation.  One-time, monthly, or quarterly gifts are easy to do just by clicking below.  

building renovations & maintenance

We're in the final states of renovating the Community Center gym floor. We've painted and updated the bathrooms in the basement. The Food Pantry is looking at putting an awning over the stairwell, and the clothing ministry will be getting a redesigned room to make more room in there! 

In July, the roof will be replaced/repaired and ceilings will be redone. 

Other projects include: 

* Re-siding the office building.

* Renovating the inside of the Church building.

Social ministries

We have an extensive list of outreach ministries that help all of our neighbors. The TAP Team ranges from food and clothing giveaways, visits to the homeless, shut-ins, Celebrate Recovery program. 

All of our ministries need support to continue to provide these services monthly.

youth & fellowship

We're focused on more fellowship and youth development now that Covid restrictions are lighter.