Why are we here?

Vision / Mission

Our Vision:  To see the people of Greater Cleveland spiritually thriving, filled with the knowledge of the our Lord and salvation through Jesus Christ, and living their lives accordingly.

Our Mission:  To empower lives through the Holy Spirit and be the bridge that connects people to God and to one another.

Worship Upward

Our focus is on developing our worship services so they're captivating, truthful, and uplifting. We also want to create other ways to worship God outside of Sunday morning.

Uncommon Relationships

We will always invite people of all races, ethnicities, genders, and incomes. Our goal is to show love for ALL God's people.

Transformational Discipleship

We want to develop each member's faith through deep dives into the bible; to find creative ways to learn the Word and make it welcoming to all.

Surprising Service

Our social services are top notch! But what other avenues/ relationships can we nurture within the community to help more?